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Oct 03, 2023
Polling Club Podcast

Polling Club: Taking the American Pulse

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Byline: Polling Club

Join Dustin Olson from American Pulse as he dives into the most pressing issues of the week, unearthing public opinions and analyzing their implications.

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In this episode, Dustin discusses:

  • Public Opinion Dynamics: The Economy, Inflation, and the ripple effects. 
  • Poll Analysis: Unpacking the Washington Post/ABC News Poll.
  • Debate Dynamics: Insights from the recent debate and predictions for what's next. 
  • News Flash: Unraveling the moment's top news stories, including Kevin McCarthy's surprising decision.

Dustin reflects on:

  • Fox 5 DC's Morning Show: His recent appearances on Fox 5 DC's Morning Show, sharing insights on the potential government shutdown and the Republican debate. 
  • Public Sentiment: The mounting concerns around economic management, evident in multiple polls, and how they’re impacting President Biden's approval ratings. 
  • Third-Party Alert: Hillary Clinton's ominous warning to Joe Biden about the looming third-party threat.

Notable Segments:

  • Biden's Economic Scorecard: A deep dive into recent polls highlighting the President's performance challenges, especially concerning the economy. (14:19)  
  • GOP Primary Debate Breakdown: Analyzing individual performances, potential standouts, and the overall trajectory of the Republican primary. (19:41)  
  • Battling Narratives: Dustin explores the Democrats' strategy amidst a looming government shutdown and the play of narratives in US politics. (30:08)

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