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ğŸŽ™ğŸ‡ºğŸ‡¸ 📈Polling Club Podcast: The Fed, Interest Rates, & Inflation 0003

Sep 22, 2023

Polling Club: Taking the American Pulse

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Byline: Polling Club

Join Dustin Olson from American Pulse as he navigates recent polling, reacts to current financial news, and showcases American Pulse's appearances in the media, including Dustin's recent radio tour across America's drive-time Morning Radio News shows.

This Episode Features:

  • Financial Deep Dives: Exploring the implications of The Fed's decisions, the current state of Inflation, and much more.
  • Morning Radio Talks: Join Dustin as he tours drive-time Morning Radio News shows in cities across the nation.
  • Impeachment Insights: Breaking down public opinion and potential ramifications. 

Dustin Shares:

  • Media Highlights: Recapping American Pulse's significant media moments over the past week.
  • Nationwide Radio Tour: An inside look at Dustin's nationwide radio tour, discussing today's most pressing topics.
  • Stay Ahead of the News: How recent polling provides a unique lens to understand today's biggest stories.  For full insights and exclusive access to our latest polls, don't miss this episode.

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