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📺 NewsNation & Dustin Olson Talk Spending Bill Standoff | Impending Gov't Shutdown | McCarthy-Gaetz Feud

Oct 02, 2023

Byline: Team American Pulse

On Friday, Dustin Olson, American Pulse's Managing Partner, joined the NewsNations Morning in America show with Markie Martin to discuss the possible Government Shutdown, Spending Bill negotiations, McCarthy vs Gaetz, and where is Biden during all of this? 

🔷 Key Topics Covered:

  • Stalemate over Spending Bill 
  • Looming Government Shutdown
  • The McCarthy-Gaetz Feud
  • Biden nowhere to be seen during Spending Bill negotiations 
  • The effects of House Razor-Thin Margin
  • Democrats Desperate for Shutdown to shift narrative away from Biden's failings
  • ABC News/Washington Post Poll showing Biden trailing Trump by 10 points 

Over the weekend, we were all surprised to find out how prescient Olson's comment that Democrats were desperate for a shutdown when Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm 🔥 to stop the vote to keep the government open. 

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