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POLL: New Hampshire GOP Primary Voters Support Trump & Give 8 Candidates Debate Stage Access

Jul 15, 2023
POLL: New Hampshire GOP Primary Voters Support Trump & Give 8 Candidates Debate Stage Access

Byline: Team American Pulse

A fresh survey by American Pulse Research & Polling reveals critical insights into the New Hampshire landscape for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Why it matters: Donald Trump's continuing strength in the Republican primary is clear, but new figures like Tim Scott show promise in general election scenarios. Additionally, Ron DeSantis' momentum seems to be stalling, while Chris Christie faces significant unfavorability among voters.


Trump's Stronghold: With 47.5% support, Trump's primary strength is undeniable. Additionally, the former president holds a 37-point lead over his nearest rival for the Republican nomination.

Potential Stars Emerging: Sen. Tim Scott's name has gained traction, with polling showing he receives almost the same percentage of votes in a head-to-head matchup with Biden. Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is also gaining favorability among likely Republican primary voters.

With Republican primary voters, Scott and Ramaswamy have the best net favorables at +44.6 and +40.2 respectively. Net favorability is a key factor in predicting movement for candidates in the future.

DeSantis Slipping: The Florida Governor's early momentum appears to be waning, and his top choice selection among likely Republican primary voters is now only 10.5%.

Breitbart News reports the American Pulse poll comes on the heels of other New Hampshire polls also showing DeSantis losing traction in the Granite State and a leaked memo from the DeSantis campaign that they “will not cede New Hampshire.”

Christie's Uphill Battle: High unfavorables, the highest for any Republican candidate, are limiting Chris Christie's appeal among New Hampshire voters. 

It appears that Christie’s 10% in the American Pulse New Hampshire poll is likely his ceiling because 63% of people voting in the New Hampshire Republican Primary have an unfavorable opinion of Chris Christie.

Christie’s Net -34.2 Unfavorable Rating is the highest unfavorables among any Republican candidate by a factor of 10!

RNC's Podium Predicament: The Republican National Committee may need to bulk order podiums as eight of the twelve Republican candidates meet the RNC's 1% polling threshold required for the debates.

In fact, the 8 following candidates all receive 3.3% or higher in the survey.

Donald Trump 47.5%
Ron DeSantis 10.5%
Chris Christie 10.0%
Tim Scott 6.9%
Vivek Ramaswamy 5.3%
Mike Pence 4.8%
Nikki Haley 3.3%
Doug Burgum 3.3%

The survey's multimodal methodology allows for a robust dataset, reflecting the opinions of 906 general election voters and 895 primary election voters.


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