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POLL: Overwhelming Majority of New Hampshire Voters See a ‘Double Standard’ in the U.S. Legal System

Jul 20, 2023
Overwhelming Majority of New Hampshire Voters See a ‘Double Standard’ in the U.S. Legal System

Byline: Team American Pulse

Why it matters: In a rare show of bipartisan agreement, a new poll by American Pulse Research & Polling reveals that a striking 77.7% of New Hampshire voters believe a "double standard" is present within the U.S. legal and justice system.

The Big Picture: This sentiment cuts across party lines, with 83.5% of Republicans, 71.5% of Democrats, and 76.8% of Independents expressing this belief. The data also showcases that a significant majority of those polled in both the Republican and Democratic primaries perceive this double standard.

What's Happening: While the sentiment towards the broader legal system is overwhelmingly negative, an impressive 86.7% of New Hampshire residents hold a favorable view of their local police. This highlights a complex relationship with law enforcement and the justice system at different levels.

The Numbers

- 63.5% of Republican Primary voters strongly agree with the perception of a double standard.

- 42.7% of Democratic Primary voters strongly agree with this sentiment.

- 86.7% of New Hampshire citizens hold a favorable view of local police.

The Method: The survey, conducted between July 5 and July 11, 2023, utilized various methodologies and reached 906 general election voters and 895 primary election voters.

What's Next: These findings will likely play a role in shaping the discourse and campaign strategies leading up to the 2024 New Hampshire Presidential Primary and General Elections.

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