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🚨 Fox News & American Pulse Discuss Biden & The Economy Poll | 2024 Presidential Race 🇺🇸

Sep 26, 2023

Byline: Team American Pulse

On Fox News @ Night, Dustin Olson, a lead pollster at American Pulse, discusses with seasoned news anchor, Trace Gallagher, new polling regarding Biden & The Economy, Trump's double digit lead over Biden, Hillary Clinton warning of a 3rd party threat, and a quick preview of the second GOP presidential debate. 

🔷 Key Topics Covered:

  • Trump Leads Biden by Double Digits (Washington Post Poll)
  • 59% of Dem Primary voters want an option other than Biden (Washington Post Poll)
  • 74% say state of nation's economy is not good/poor (ABC News/Washington Post Poll)
  • 75% say incomes of average Americans is not good/poor (ABC News/Washington Post Poll)
  • 91% disapprove of Gas Prices (ABC News/Washington Post Poll)
  • 87% disapprove of Food/Energy Prices (ABC News/Washington Post Poll)
  • It's less Biden-omics, more Biden-flation
  • White House Source: Third-Party Threat "F***ing Concerning"
  • Without Trump in the Primary, Nikki Haley Leads (Fox Business Poll)

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