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🇺🇸Bill O'Reilly & American Pulse Discuss 2024 Presidential Race | No Spin News Special🇺🇸

Sep 05, 2023

Byline: Team American Pulse

 In the latest episode, Dustin Olson, one of the seasoned pollsters at American Pulse, sits down with television's own Bill O'Reilly on No Spin News to delve deep into the dynamics shaping the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary. From Donald Trump's sustained dominance in the polls to rising contenders and media influence, this discussion leaves no stone unturned.

🔵Key Topics Covered:

  • State of the Republican Primary
  • Donald Trump's Primary Dominance
  • Trump & Biden Tied in General
  • Rising Contenders or Nothing to See Here?
  • American Pulse's Bipartisan Polling
  • Second-Choice Candidates
  • Democratic Primary and Biden
  • Media Influence
  • Trump Supporters' Role
  • Bill's Upcoming Interview w/ Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Democratic Voters' Preferred Alternatives to Biden

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