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Our 2022 Election Track Record: 91% Accuracy & 98% Within Margin of Error

Apr 20, 2023
Our 2022 Election Track Record: 91% Accuracy & 98% Within Margin of Error

Byline: Team American Pulse

Setting the Scene: As the dust settles from the dynamic 2022 election, American Pulse is proud to present a reflection on our accuracy.

An accuracy that rivals, if not surpasses, many of our industry counterparts. In an environment where precision is paramount, we delivered results with a 91% accuracy rate on the outcomes of elections with an astounding 98% of our results falling within the margin of error

Why It Matters: The significance of these achievements for our clients cannot be overstated. In the world of election polling, accuracy is the currency. It's the metric that shapes credibility, builds trust, and most importantly, empowers decision-making. Our record in the 2022 election reinforces the value we bring to the table.

The Backdrop: The 2022 election was one for the books. Against a backdrop of changing political landscapes, increased voter engagement, and an unyielding pandemic, accurately forecasting election outcomes was no easy task. Yet, we rose to the challenge, tapping our innovative techniques, multimodal methodology, and our in-house call center’s commitment to quality.

Accuracy Is Not Accidental: This level of accuracy doesn't happen by accident. It’s the product of a stringent methodology, a keen understanding of the political landscape, and a dedicated team committed to precision. We sift through the noise, separating signal from static, to provide reliable, actionable insights.

Methodology Matters: Our approach marries advanced data science techniques with traditional polling methodologies. We use rigorous sampling processes, rigorous checks for data integrity, and sophisticated weighting techniques to ensure our data accurately represents the population.

A key part of our success lies in our multimodal methodology, combining live agent telephone interviews, live agent text-to-web (TTW) interviews and in some cases interactive voice response (IVR) telephone interviews or online interviews–all working together to reach a broad and diverse respondent pool, thereby reducing bias and providing a more representative view of the electorate.

These tools equip us with the necessary resources to deliver remarkably accurate predictions.

The Bottom Line: Our performance in the 2022 election reflects our commitment to the highest level of accuracy and trustworthiness in polling. As we acknowledge these achievements, we're not resting on our laurels. Each election offers new lessons, and we'll continue to refine our methods, hone our techniques, and deepen our understanding of the American pulse.

Looking Ahead: As we look toward future elections, we're committed to maintaining and improving our record of accuracy. We'll continue to provide trusted, high-quality election forecasts, keeping our finger on the American Pulse. This is our commitment to you. We're excited to keep serving our readers and stakeholders with the precision and reliability they've come to expect from American Pulse. 

From the Heart: Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to our team, partners, and Polling Club members. Your trust and support fuel our drive for accuracy and precision–discovering the answers to your biggest questions. Here's to many more successful elections together.


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