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Peer-to-Peer Texts

Personally engage your voters over text

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Peer-to-Peer Texts

At a fraction of the cost of direct mail piece or online ad

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Peer-to-Peer Texts

Use dynamic graphics through MMS to connect with your voters


Legally Send

Peer-to-Peer Texts

Fully compliant with FCC rules and 1st Amendment rights


You shouldn’t have to choose between censored advertising and reaching more voters.

As a candidate you wear many hats. You need to connect to voters, but doing your own mobile texting often leads to wrong messaging, legal issues and steals valuable time and energy that you could be investing into growing your campaign and being the candidate.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re here to help you get your message heard.
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Your Full-Service Voter Texting Plan

Step 1:
We listen to you. 

We learn about your campaign, listen to your goals, and gather information to understand what your campaign needs are.

Step 2:

We develop a plan with you. 

During our consultation call, we gather information necessary to formulate a custom strategy. We address where you are now and where you want to be in the future. During this span of time, we work with you to develop your messaging Action Plan.

Step 3:
We follow through with action. 

Now is the time to turn strategy into action. Based on the action plan, we take steps to move your campaign toward the goals we set together and address the concerns you expressed.

Launch Your Text Campaign Today

We've engaged in Hundreds of Thousands of conversations with voters in the Last Election

The #1 item almost all voters can't leave home without is their cell phone. With 82% of people saying they open every text message and 90% of all texts being read within 3 minutes of receipt, SMS and MMS 'peer-to-peer texting' allows you to connect directly with more voters than any other campaign tactic.

Here are some real reactions from actual voters in the 2020 elections:

Your last minute msg made me change my vote! To you! Thank you for your service... Good luck in the election! 

Dave, USAF Retired

I appreciate you taking the time to ask me for my vote...You got it...voted today and you were my choice. 

Preston F.


I love you! I would love for you to represent me

Sharon W.

I voted for you and recommended you to all my family. Don't let us down! Counting on you!!!! Have faith that you will 'walk the walk, and 'talk the talk!'

Nancy A.

Well as serious as a heart attack I was not going to vote I think y'all are crooked as a dogs hind leg. But when you responded to my text I just went and voted for you.

Jeff S.

Launch Your Text Campaign Today

8 ProTips for Political Texting

Want to get directly in front of your voters?

We’ve identified 8 tips every candidate should include in their campaigns.

These opportunities will help you:

  • Connect directly to voters
  • Impact your local city, state, or our great nation
  • Inform voters about your ideas and how to vote for your campaign
  • Create a personal connection
  • Avoid advertising censorship


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How can peer-to-peer texting help your campaign?

The market is flooded with media censorship, overpriced advertising, and opponents attacking your personal-image. Some of the same platforms that you spend money to get your message out, also spread false information.

But how do you actually connect to voters directly? is all about connecting with your voters where they are. If you and your team understand that 82% of voters open EVERY text message and 90% of voters read the message within 3 minutes, you would see the opportunity to connect with your voters.

Voter Texting will give you the ability to connect directly to voters, telling voters about your ideas, winning more votes for your ideas and creating a healthy relationship.

Working with our team of political and texting professionals, you’ll have a plan to communicate more effectively with your voters, respond to attacks and false claims, engage with voters, and much more.

Even better, the team are actually veteran campaign consultants. The more you and your team engage with our team and invest in texting, the more messages that are seen by voters. And the more voters you get in front of, the more likely voters will vote for you. The whole system is designed to get your ideas out in front of voters and engage directly with them.

Don’t settle for direct mailers and overpriced digital advertising that don’t move the needle for your campaign. Give your campaign voter mobile messaging. Get access to’s veteran campaign consultants and watch your message reach voters.

Launch Your Text Campaign Today

Lee Hopper, Legacy Consulting

"Their texting and response services are unmatched and connect with voters in a compelling way. Their professionalism and expediency made the difference for our clients and produced a product we could be proud of."


Don't forget, unlike the others out there, we don't simply give you a tool that requires you to manually send ALL of the texts yourself. We actually send every text for you, which then frees you and your campaign up to do the things that only you can do.


We care about your budget and acknowledge it takes something big to run for office. Your needs are important to us. That’s why we offer simple pricing that can work with any budget.

Committee Registration



  • REQUIRED by Mobile Carriers
  • Includes Registration Fees from Mobile Carriers to ensure deliverability
  • Allows Text Messages to come from a Local Phone Number
  • Hard to do last minute. Should be done TODAY without delay!
Schedule Setup

Per Text & Message Setup

$0.20/Text + $99/Round


  • Include image, video or GIF (under 600 kB)
  • Up-To 600 characters; among the highest in the industry
  • Formats your message for optimal effectiveness
  • Test for any errors
  • Scrubs your phone lists for landlines
  • Each text sent by a human being.
  • Unlike most texting platforms, our team actually sends every text for you.
Schedule Setup

Personal Live Responses

$0.20/Text Response


  • Real-time Voter Engagement & Interaction by Qualified & Trained Professionals
  • Includes all incoming text fees
  • Up-To 160 characters per SMS response
  • Guided by your Campaign Message
  • Receive Report of all conversations (data)
Schedule Setup

Graphic Design & Text Engagement Consulting


Top features

  • Professionally designed to maximize engagement and retention of your campaign message
  • Ensures your graphics meet deliverability requirements & readability
Schedule Setup

Mobile List Acquisition


Top features

  • One-time cost
  • Acquisition of targeted audience mobile phone records
  • We provide the entire database to you for other uses
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We have built our reputation on giving candidates the confidence that their message and reputation are done right, and by serving candidates as political guides to our clients.

We work with candidates and understand the unique challenges of running campaigns that will make a difference for your community, state, and our great nation. We can help you get your message crafted, legally compliant and in front of your voters.

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